Upcoming presentations at Rostock, Paris, Tokyo and Jerusalem

We will present different aspects of the results of Sofer Mahir at the following upcoming conferences :

1. Machine Learning and Data Mining for Digital Scholarly Editions, Rostock 9-10 June 2022

2. Documents anciens et reconnaissance automatique des écritures manuscrites, ENC, Paris 23-24 June 2022

3. DH2022 Tokyo, 25-29 July 2002

4. World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, 8-12 August 2022

Stay tuned for further news.

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Daniel Stoekl Ben Ezra (2022, May 16). Upcoming presentations at Rostock, Paris, Tokyo and Jerusalem. Sofer Mahir. Retrieved May 27, 2024, from https://doi.org/10.58079/veqz

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